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Valley Huskers win Football Canada's Fan Favourite Amateur Football Logo contest!

Football Canada decided to run the logo contest during our #SupportTheSport campaign to create something fun for football fans across the country to engage with during these tough times. The contest saw incredible engagement over the entirety of the contest with over 30,000 votes and the campaign reached over 275,000 people.

Vanisha Mistry, Communications Coordinator of Football Canada, stated “The contest was a huge success and so much fun to run. We loved seeing everyone across the country show so much pride for their team/favourite logo.”

There were over 4,000 votes in the final round, the Valley Huskers won the final round – collecting 57% of the votes.

Our head coach Bob Reist was the inspiration for our logo when he arrived in 2017. Bob wanted to rebrand the Huskers’ culture. He was looking for something with an edge that embraced the Fraser Valley and the Husker name. He reached out to his former teammate and coaching colleague John Makie, a Vanier Cup champion, and Makie created the edge Bob was looking for.

The Valley Huskers want to thank everyone for all their support during this contest. Our program rests solely on community support and the more involvement we have the stronger our program will be.

If you are interested in your own Valley Huskers logo wear, stay tuned for some exciting opportunities in the next few days. More information can be found at

Again, we thank you for your support.


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