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The Valley Huskers Need you!

Junior Football is alive and well in your community! We want your organization to be part of our story -

"Our Football Connects Communities and Develops Leaders for Tomorrow".


There are so many ways we can build our future community together and our Huskers sponsorship program is one of them.


Our sponsorship program gives businesses the opportunity to watch, support, and contribute to local Junior Football and ensure that youth sport remains accessible in your community.


Thanks to a multi-tiered package of opportunities, businesses can choose an option that best suits them. Each tier receives a branded placement on not only the Huskers' website, but also in-venue at Exhibition Stadium in Chilliwack. Stay tuned for future video board opportunities.


Added value arrives in the form of season tickets for employee or client entertainment. These tickets are general admission to any Huskers home game - use all 50 for one game, or spread them out throughout the season. In addition, our Huskers member card offers many discounts throughout the community.


Thank you for taking the time to look over the program and for contributing to your community by way of local youth sport!