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Whether you are a former player, staff or board member we welcome you to the Valley Huskers Alumni Family  and want to continue to celebrate your successes.

Moving into our 25th season, our main focus is to give alumni an opportunity to foster the grassroots of this program into our current players, staff, board, fans and community.  Please reach out to find out what we have in store for our alumni program this year!

The Husker Challenge Coin


If you have never heard of a challenge coin, don’t worry, challenge coins are essentially small tokens or medallions that signify that people are members of certain organizations.

They have a rich traditional history meant to build camaraderie among military personnel over the years. 

The coins continued to emerge during the First World War and have now been adapted both by Fire and Police officers around the world. 


The Challenge

Having a coin bestowed upon you comes with the expectation that you will have it with you at all times.  Any member of your organization has the right to challenge you to produce it.  Failure to do so brings with it consequences and in most cases it involves the sharing of spirits. 

In keeping with this rich tradition, a Valley Husker Alumni coin has been commissioned.  The coin is meant to recognize and celebrate our Husker alumni for years to come.

Receiving the coin continues to build on our programs brand story “Our football connects communities & develops leaders for tomorrow”

In order to get your coin you must be verified as an Husker alumni.  Included in this verification should be a brief bio and current contact information along with your permission to be added to the Husker Alumni list.  Should you be privileged to have been given one of the Valley Husker challenge coins it comes with benefits. Presentation of the coin at any home game allows free entry and a 10% discount on apparel


The Husker Challenge

A Husker Alumni who fails to produce the coin leaves with it an obligation to make a donation of their choice to the Husker’s football development fund and/or to make good with the person who posed the challenge in a manner both see fit. (Libations should always be considered)

To get further information about your very own Husker Alumni challenge coin please email Jeff Whitehead  at 

Register as a Valley Huskers Alumni member today to redeem offers and giveaways coming soon! You will also have the chance to have your say about what our Alumni program should look like! 

Register below to get your free game ticket!!!

Challenge Coin 1_edited.png


Rock your Huskers Alumni gear proudly! Let us know exactly what kind of swag and gear you'd like to see available. We want your input!

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