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Founded in 1998, the Fraser Valley Huskers are a community-based amateur football team that provides young men between the ages of 17-22 an opportunity to participate in highly competitive, post-high school football.


As a member of the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), the Huskers are one of six teams in the British Columbia Football Conference and one of twenty teams in Canada. The benefits of playing football in the CJFL include building athletic and team competencies, developing self-discipline, and furthering sportsmanship and teamwork skills. While playing in the CJFL, players often become eligible for scholarships at various colleges and universities and may develop the potential for playing at a professional level. Some pro CFL and NFL players that got their start in the CJFL include Andrew Harris (BC Lions running back), Sean Whyte (Montreal Alouettes Kicker), Stefan Charles (Buffalo Bills defensive lineman), Paris Jackson (BC Lions quarterback) and Jamie Boreham (Hamilton Tigercats punter/kicker).


The Huskers are based in Chilliwack, B.C. and play their home games at Exhibition Stadium. As a community-based team, the operations are run by a group of volunteers who have a passion for football. Their goal is to foster community involvement and yield a positive environment by teaching discipline, perseverance, cooperation, responsibility and a sense of community through football.

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