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Looking for families to billet our players for the 2021 Season.




The following set of frequently asked questions is intended to provide a general overview of the expectations related to being a Host Family for the Valley Huskers Billet Program. 

Q: What is the level of compensation that a Host Family receives for hosting a Player?

A: Host Families receive $600.00/month for each player that they billet. Payments are made on, the first of each month by the player. This payment includes room & board access to laundry, internet etc and meals.


Q: What age are the players in the program?

A: The players age 17  to age 22 

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum number of players that we can host?

A: No. We would prefer two (2) players in a home, but not required

Q: What happens if the player is not a good match for a family?

A: It is always a big adjustment for both the Host Family and the player. The Huskers will always do their best to work

through any situations that may arise and reach an amicable solution that allows all parties to move forward in a positive manner. If a player is simply not going to work in a particular home, we will make arrangements to transition the player to another home that is more suitable.

Q: Where do the players come from?

A: All players are Canadian and come from across Canada.

Q: When do the players arrive and when do they leave ?

A: Players arrive in Chilliwack in July and will conclude their season between October/November depending on playoffs.

Q: Is there a contract or agreement that the Host Family is required to sign?

A: Yes. Each Host Family and player/parents are required to sign an agreement that clearly outlines the expectations of all parties involved in Host Family-Player relationship.

Q: What living space is required for a player?

A: Each player requires their own private bedroom that is appropriately furnished as well as access to common living areas in the home.

Q: What are the requirements for feeding a player?

A: Host Families are expected to provide 3 meals a day plus access to snacks. Players are required to purchase their own supplements and any specialty food items.

Q: What is the expected level of engagement between the player and the Host Family?

A: We strongly encourage the Host Family to integrate the player(s) into their family/life as much as possible. This may include the player partaking in family day trips, activities, parties, meals, etc.

Q: What is the expected level of “parenting” that a Host Family should provide?

A: It is expected that the Host Family treat the player as part of their family and in the same manner as they would treat their own children/family members. Players are expected to strictly abide by all rules that are set by the Host Family.

Q: How do the players get to and from training and games?

A: The Players are responsible to ensure they have appropriate transportation to all practices and games. The Valley Huskers will transport teams to away games. 

Q: Is the Host Family expected to provide transportation to/from social events and personal appointments?

A: No. The player is responsible for getting to and from any social activities, or personal appointments. The Host Family is certainly free to provide rides to places for the player(s) anytime they choose to do so.

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